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Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 11’s KB5031455 Update

The new KB5031455 update for Windows 11 22H2 that Microsoft released on October 31, 2023, includes all of Moment 4’s features. This update is not linked to security. People who are in the Release Preview Channel and are part of the Windows Insider Program may get this update.

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 11’s KB5031455 Update (Direct Download)

The operating system build goes up to 22621.2506 after getting the KB5031455 update. It has more features, such as the File Explorer app, the Backup app, the System Components area in Settings, and more. For these features, the default choices apply.

Updates for Windows 11’s KB5031455 provide improvements for Copilot in the following areas: File Explorer, Security, Settings, Bluetooth, Start menu and taskbar, and Windows preview. For more information on the changes, see the KB5031455 update support document.

Windows 11 KB5031455 Changelog:

Along with the new features, Microsoft has also improved the following with the KB5031455 update:

  • Fresh! For OEMs of dynamic lighting, this upgrade offers more personalization choices. New PCs may now have their OS images customized. This involves configuring the settings for Dynamic Lighting. The former Republic of Turkey’s English name has changed as a result of this modification. The Republic of Türkiye is the new, official name.
  • This upgrade facilitates Croatia’s transition from the Kuna to the Euro.
  • The modifications to Syria’s daylight saving time (DST) are supported by this update. See Interim guideline for Syria DST adjustments 2022 for more information.
  • TextInputHost.exe has a memory leak that is fixed by this upgrade.
  • This update fixes an Outlook-related problem. It gives up replying. When you print to an Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) printer with a sluggish response time, this happens.
  • This update fixes a problem that arises when you use v4 print drivers to print.

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 11’s KB5031455 Update

  • This update fixes a problem with the cellular settings. The cellphone operator’s name is incorrect.
  • For certain cell providers, this update brings their Country and Operator Settings Asset (COSA) profiles up to date.
  • This version fixes a bug that prevents connections from outside sources. When you enable session affinity and set up a Kubernetes load-balanced service, this happens.
  • A problem with the Firewall configuration service provider (CSP) is resolved by this release. It prevents a synchronizing device.
  • A problem that arises after doing a push-button reset is fixed in this release. Windows Hello face recognition cannot be configured. Devices that have Windows Enhanced Sign-in Security (ESS) enabled are impacted by this.
  • A problem that affects PowerShell versions higher than 7.3.1 is fixed in this upgrade. Scripts may be blocked and prevented from operating in Constrained Language Mode. When you activate a WDAC policy, this happens.
  • A problem with the Automatically Hide the Taskbar option has been resolved in this release. If you use the SHAppBarMessage() API, you cannot set it.

The servicing stack, a system component that installs Windows updates, has also been improved in quality by this release. In order for your devices to install and receive Microsoft updates, service stack updates (SSU) make sure that your servicing stack is strong and dependable.

Windows 11 KB5031455 Direct Download links:

  • Navigate to Settings > Windows Update and turn on the “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” option in order to download the KB5031455 update.
  • Alternatively, you may use the Microsoft Update Catalogue to manually download and install KB5031455.

The Windows 11 KB5031455 update cannot be downloaded or installed automatically since it is in the preview version. This implies that the download and installation must be done manually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Windows 11’s KB5031455 Update

Q1: What is the KB5031455 update for Windows 11?

A: The KB5031455 update is the latest release from Microsoft, designed to enhance the performance, security, and overall functionality of Windows 11. It brings a suite of improvements to elevate the user experience across various devices.

Q2: How does the KB5031455 update improve performance?

A: This update introduces several performance enhancements, including faster boot times and improved multitasking capabilities. By optimizing resource allocation, Windows 11 becomes more responsive and efficient.

Q3: What security features does KB5031455 introduce?

A: KB5031455 reinforces Windows 11’s security with advanced encryption protocols and proactive measures against evolving cyber threats. Users can benefit from a more secure computing environment.

Q4: Is the KB5031455 update compatible with all devices running Windows 11?

A: Yes, Microsoft has designed the KB5031455 update to be compatible with a wide range of devices running Windows 11. Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, or 2-in-1 device, you can install this update to enjoy its benefits.

Q5: Can I manually install the KB5031455 update?

A: Absolutely. Users have the option to manually install the KB5031455 update through the Windows Update settings. Simply check for updates, and if the KB5031455 update is available, you can initiate the installation process.

Q6: Are there any known issues with the KB5031455 update?

A: Microsoft is committed to delivering a seamless experience, but like any software update, there might be occasional issues. It’s advisable to check Microsoft’s official support channels for any reported issues and their resolutions.

Q7: Does KB5031455 impact system resources significantly?

A: Microsoft has optimized the KB5031455 update to have a minimal impact on system resources. The goal is to enhance performance without compromising the overall stability of Windows 11.

Q8: Can I roll back to a previous version if I encounter issues with KB5031455?

A: While Microsoft generally encourages users to keep their systems up to date, it is possible to uninstall certain updates, including KB5031455. However, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits of the update against any issues encountered before deciding to roll back.

Q9: How often does Microsoft release major updates like KB5031455?

A: Microsoft follows a regular update cadence to address security, performance, and feature enhancements. Major updates like KB5031455 are typically part of this routine, ensuring users receive the latest improvements on a regular basis.

Q10: Where can I find more information about Windows 11 updates and features?

A: For comprehensive insights into Windows 11 updates, features, and troubleshooting tips, visit Microsoft’s official support website. Additionally, you can explore dedicated online forums and communities for user experiences and discussions.


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